I was going to include a hyperlink to this show, but for whatever reason the hits I got were just blank pages. Sorry to use a crappy metaphor, but that type of nothingness sums up the show for me. Marc Maron is a very funny person, but I really don't like this show and the reason is that he hasn't decided what it's about. A couple of episodes have him bitching about his life and how neurotic he is and that was funny, if done to death by ever single comedian since Woody Allen. However, the majority of the episodes I've seen are about him--a not particularly rich, successful, interesting, charming, or good-looking guy--scoring with incredibly hot women (usually half his age) who he's met sometime mere minutes before and then he complains about it bitterly. Sorry, but if this is your life problems then I'll happily murder you to solve them. Yeah, real great observational humor that you can use to make a connection to the audience with.