The Magdalena: Blood Divine - Marcia Chen

I thought this would be another example of the sexy badass chick trope and I was correct. Magdalena is a descendent of Mary Magdalen and has the power to make people feel guilty about their sin. She works for the Church fighting evil--in this collection it's vampires. Joe Benitez pin-up art is actually quite good when you take into account the detailed backgrounds he often has, but I'm pretty sure most are looking at the impossibly sexy women (Note: don't have anyone wearing a swastika shirt you don't want us to hate). The background of the Magdalena line is actually interesting and thought real effort was put into making the historical backstory good. This moment of hope for the comic was, sadly, quickly destroyed by reading the rest of it. Very professionally done and I'm sure it will go over well with fans of this trope, just not with me.