Da Vinci's Demons

By no means pretend that this show is any good. The young Leonardo is portrayed as a scientist, inventor, artist, lady's man, master fighter, drug user, problem child, momma's boy, occultist, and adventurer, who is caught up in more than just the religious politics of his time, but a struggle between ancient secret societies. Still, its ridiculousness is exactly its selling point. Over the top situations, Dan Brown level historic conspiracies, and always a topless hottie or two makes this a teenage boy crowd pleaser. Update for season two: Yes, I've watched that much of this guilty pleasure since this season is even more foolish as the inventor (no more drug use, I wonder why the writers gave up on that) and the action are mostly away from Florence and we actually have some interesting character development (not his, mind you, he's still very much a momma's boy).

Update season three: And so it comes to an end, which is good because this show is horrible, but which is also sad because it has a level of absurdity that you just can't find anywhere else.