Birds of Prey: Sensei & Student and Between Dark & Dawn - Gail Simone

Just as it might help comic trades to have titles for their volumes, so might it help to number them. Either way, as I mentioned last review, I read many comics in the order Cej lends them to me. So while I'm aware I may have missed some volumes, you could always blame him. I really like the idea of Birds of Prey, you have a strong (and female) writer presenting an array of (usually and mostly) female super-heroes of various power levels, tackling mysteries and crimes in smart and skillful ways. It's great to read about so many underdeveloped, or at least underutilized, characters without them playing backup to male heroes.  Sensei & Student largely revolves around Black Canary and (yes, however unlikely) Lady Shiva as they attempt to avenge the death of their martial arts teacher. Between Dark & Dawn has Huntress undercover in a cult while Oracle fights off a cyberattack. The problem I have with the series (as oppose to the collections themselves, which were fine stories) is that on one hand they spotlight females of the DC universe in fine feminist fashion, but on the other, the art is total cheesecake! Scantily clad women with enormous, gravity defying, boobs in sexy posses, it's as if Simone is writing serious work while, unbeknownst to her,  Ed Benes (and others) are drawing pin-ups! What makes it sadder still is that Simone must be aware of this fact, and the scumbag editors of DC get to eat their cake and have it too by claiming to have women oriented comics, but it's not their fault there are no realistically drawn women in them. When was the last time you saw Superman half naked or the outline of Bat-Man's crotch?