TWC Studio Tour

Ended January by visiting the TWC studio. The studio and tour was rather impressive, filled with beautiful tour guides and fun little activities, and explains where all my money is going 'cause it sure isn't going to giving me good TV service. You get to see the sets of and /or information about a variety of shows and channels, with the obvious purpose of self-promotion and unveiled attempts of getting visitors to post info on social media, which is fair in the end. They have a number of set-ups wherein you can make little videos of yourself as part of a show or pictures of yourself with props. I think this is a great idea, and you actually can find a whole new respect for on-air personalities as when I attempted to do a number of 20 second clips I invariably screwed up at one point or another. I was annoyed at the pictures as several of them were so off-center as to cut part of me out of and the green screen picture of me and Johnny Carson never came out for whatever reason (not that I really care, but once you do these things you want to see them come out). The hight of the tour was the Game of Thrones exhibit with props from pervious seasons. It's amazing that some of the items, like the weapons and dresses, were so well made and detailed, but some of the other items, like crowns and the throne, look like the plastic they are in person. There was a great "ride" wherein you are taken up the elevator at The Wall and you are in a 3D experience. Despite some blurriness due to the fact that the virtual glasses didn't fit well over my own, the experience was wild and I got very dizzy from the false sense of hight and movement.