Looking For Alaska - John Green

Apparently, this was the big YA book being read by all the cool kids (for their high school english class that is). It got a Printz Award and was on the NYTimes best seller list, but, in the end, doesn't deserve either. The story is about a bright, friendless, anorexicly thin kid who goes off to boarding school to seek, well, something, and he finds that and more. I'm not going to go into details (no spoilers for you) or even put up a picture of it since, why bother. The book attempts to give a realistic account of some kids' lives in high school and the triumphs and tragedies they endure, yet it fails in that. The writing isn't anything stellar, and the kids just don't seem like kids to me, but to make matters worse--with one exceptions--there never are any really important/interesting stakes involved, and for a book trying to get away from YA genre lit and be realistic, it simply isn't (yeah, the gangly, nerdy, loser kid aways finds exciting friends and gets hot girls, sure, you might as well throw a boy wizard in there too). Skip it.