St T 2014 XIII-XIV

Sorry for the delay but I got the day wrong and realized an assignment of mine was due when I thought I had an extra day. Anyway, never mind that, instead let's focus on the awesomeness of the sea life here. Someone told me that it might have something to do with the full moon but I'm not sure. Either way, things are kind of crazy with the influx of pelicans, about 10 billion minos (give or take a billion), a seeming up tick in procupinefish, queen angelfish, and schools of 10 horse-eye jacks that got to be 4 feet long at least. Also saw more turtles than ever: what appeared to be a mother and father and baby--so cute!--(only the parents where together) and maybe grandpa who was pretty big but hard to get a clear picture of as he was over 20' underwater and covered with other fish snacking off his food (plus he took off so damn fast I couldn't keep up with him). Haven't seen any sting rays in a while, and absolutely no trumpetfish. While swimming along I came across a great egret and slowly floated on up to it. Got within 4' by being very slow and quiet and it was quite beautiful. Fascinatingly, when looked at face-on their very thin and long necks and beaks become an almost invisible line, which explains how they can so easily catch fish. Happy birthday, Mom!!!