St T 2014 XI

Despite the weather reports the day started dark and drizzly. I headed to Havenside, which is a port for the smaller cruise ships (be aware that these are still the size of a small city, but the idea that there are bigger ones...), but also the home of a butterfly farm and a tropical garden. Some of the butterflies are absolutely beautiful and often deceptively so as with their wings folded they could be a dull brown but spread they might be an incredible electric blue. The garden was also delightful if the path was a little narrow and the signage minimal. I returned to the hotel and took a refresher class for scuba diving (considering the horrible ear trouble and near drowning I dealt with last time it seemed like a good idea to do so). I was disappointed as I didn't see anything (and maybe even less) than I would have if I simply snorkeled. Still, good to get back underwater.