St T 2014 IX-X


I fell behind a day, not because of the Golden Balls or whatever its called wherein rich, famous, beautiful people get praised for doing their incredibly lucrative jobs while drinking champaign. Instead I was "distracted" to hear that a friend of the family had a horrific accident and may be paralyzed. So glad you actors got to basic in your own limelight. Anyway, on the brighter side of things (and yes, I realize that these posts are also somewhat self-indulgent), I enjoyed some great weather and spent a good deal of time playing with sea turtles, being called away to prep for next semesters work and the online class I'm currently taking. As a complete aside,while I'm used to seeing mediocre guys with hot women (maybe the guy has a lot of money) there are two guys at the hotel that appear to be very good-looking and in excellent shape, married to very mediocre women; it's throwing my world into chaos! It just dawned on me last night that my vacation is over half done and the great panic sets in about what I've done and what I still want to do (it's reasons like that which led me to write for this blog, even if the stuff "I still want to do" usually is sitting in the sun doing nothing).