St T 2014 VI-VII

Sorry for the missed day, but I started an online class about how to teach online (lesson one organize your time). I've slowed down some because of this class I'm taking (see prior sentence) and intermittent rain has thrown me off. Yes, I know, poor me, having a tricky time organizing my swimming, snorkeling, and book reading on a hammock time. Anyway, the water currants have been a little strong of late, which is bad as it turns up sand and hurts visibility underwater, but good in that fish are slowed and easier to watch. Went to the Ritz to see how the 1% live and wasn't actually impressed, but then my standards are all beach oriented. For whatever reason my snorkeling mask kept filling with water (a problem that corrected itself just as randomly), which made taking pictures more of a blind guess for a while. I did, however, see two sea turtles at one time yesterday, which has never happened and now shows me that there are at least 3 turtles in one area of the reef. I've also been seeing groups of parrot fish (groups meaning 3) which doesn't seem like a big deal but I never recall seeing them hanging out together (as opposed to cuttle fish which always seem to be in groups of 3). Does this mean anything? Probably not, but here's a picture of a pretty bird as a change from the fish.