St T 2014 II

The trouble with the Caribbean, especially at wintertime, is that the weather is rather unpredictable. When the rain came down I'd head to my hotel to do some work for the coming semester. As soon as I'd start, the sun would come out and the temptation to go and play was too much and I'd run outside again, just in time for the rain to begin again. Still, I did some swimming and snorkeling which had its pros and cons. On the con side I was, AGAIN, attacked by angel fish! what is with these fish and their insistence in harassing me? I managed to eventual escape that trio, as well as a plethora of foot long hermit crabs (Why am I seeing so many in such a short period of time? They are up to something!), but another con was not bring my camera. The pros were that I swam with a sea turtle for a while and hung with a (much friendlier) trio of cuttlefish and a school of parrot fish (I've never seen so many in one place and time!) as well as something I assume was a sea cucumber (it looked like a giant slug! Eeeew!). To top it off I found myself right on top of a stingray--they are so funny how they flop around the sea floor. So despite the problems it was still a fun day.