Teen Titans & Teen Titans Go

When this cartoon of five super-powered teens hanging out, living on their own, and defending their city first appeared I didn't care for it. I wanted something more along the lines of the Batman and Superman cartoons of the 80/90s. The manga-ish style threw me and I felt it was too kids oriented. Now I love the show. I think the manga flair is tons of fun and that the themes are balanced enough for all ages. Sadly, I can only catch this clever show when it is occasionally replayed. Enter the re-imagined version of Teen Titans Go. This version of the Teen Titans is more cartoony and much more kid oriented than the original. It does pay homage to its predecessor with characters and references to events from before (and I think the same voices), but all I can think about is how much I would like the old one back. Does that mean I'll love this version some day?