Amelia Rules! Her Permanent Record - Jimmy Gownley

I love the Amelia books; I just have one problem: There have been so many different formats that I don't know which collections I actually have. This edition, at least, has a listing of titles and covers so that you actually can tell what exists even if I have to re-buy some books. I happen to pick this one since it was the latest I could find and knew I didn't have it (plus I was with Cej in DC and wanted to support the comic shop and link the memory of the trip with the book (yes, I know that's weird)) even if that meant I had missed a storyline. I read this on the long train ride back to NYC and here's the problem: The books are about the fun loving elementary school girl Amelia and her crazy friends and idol rock-star Aunt, and this one is too. Unfortunately, that is all this collection is. All the characters, all the elements, all the plot are present, and none of the depth. Because I know the characters and their history I could understand and enjoy the story, but there was nothing deep, moving, or really new about it. Overall a very superficial tale that first time readers would be bored with and many return readers will be disappointed in.