Dinosaurs, Naked Women, and Sci-Fi, Oh My!

drawing of a naked woman wearing a sci-fi astronaut helmet and shooting a lazer gun while wrapped around the neck of a dinosaurOne of my students, one of those self-proclaimed artists, wrote an essay about their identity in which they proclaimed what it is to be an artist. Part of this identity includes a love of dinosaurs, naked women, and sci-fi. I imagine this student would have flourished during the age of ten-cent pulp fiction of the early 1900s. The point of the assignment was to explain a piece of their identity and explain it in a way to try to create an understanding in the reader about a way of being the reader may not be familiar with. Said student concluded their essay and then drew a few things in back of the infamous "blue book."

In response, I drew this rather quickly, desperately needing sleep, but unable to not respond to the artist in kind. It probably beats a few comments about commas and semicolons.

See you at the next zine/mini comics fest!