Captain America vol. I - Ed Brubaker

The long term consequences of constantly renumbering comics by starting over the count is going to cause tons of headaches one day soon, but what does the comic industry care? This was a pretty good collection that needed another issue or more to make it work. We discover that there was this kid in WWII who had access to his own world (pretty cool, huh?! But don't worry, well simply ignore that soon enough) that some American and Hydra soldiers got trapped in. Now they are back and looking to reshape our world. The comic is filled with failed potential. An imaginary world that can be shaped allows all the zaniness of old school comics and Brubaker could have developed that around his realistic take on the all American hero. Plus there is the theme of am I living in the real world? that Brubaker throws in as well, but all for naught. This could have been an amazing 12 issue collection (or even longer) and instead it is just a clever idea that no one seemed to want to run with.