iZombie - Chris Roberson & Michael Allred

This title, cut short due to a problem between DC comics and the creators, consists of Dead to the World, uVampire, Six Feet Under and Rising, and Repossession. Originally I avoid reading this because I read an excerpt and thought "ug, another zombie book," but Roberson takes that idea and runs with it producing a straight take on the ridiculous. The comic is about a group of monsters (zombies, ghosts, were-creatures, vampires, mummies, etc) going through their daily routines and either saving or attempting to destroy the world--you know, typical stuff. While done in a serious way, the comic is funny and silly and just a really nice read. That's not to suggest there aren't problems and leaps in the story's logic, yet you tend to get wrapped up enough to not mind. Sadly, this doesn't last. This was suppose to run eight volumes (or was it 80 issues?), which I doubt would have worked either way, but it definitely should have lasted a few more issues to better end it for the sake of all (creators and readers). As is, the final trade is a rushed mess that destroys the enjoyment, all the more a shame as it could have been so very good.