Breaking Bad

You can tell how slow it often is for me to get my postings done when it isn't until a five season series is over that you see my review. The show is about a high school chemistry teacher (Walter White: married, one kid, another on the way) who learns he has cancer. Determined to have something to leave to his family he, and a former loser student, Jessie (who I can't stand), go into the crystal meth business--cause that's the first thing that would come to anyone's mind. To complicate matters is the fact that his sister-in-law is a little crazy, his brother-in-law is with the DEA,  and White and partner don't really have a clue. It's this last fact that's probably the best part of the show and I love watching them flounder about--especially the first three seasons. As the series progresses, White, obviously, starts to get a little more savvy, which kind of weakens the show for me, especially part one of season five (which is also a bit too jumpy and often silly in plot). The second part of the season makes up more many flaws by being truly powerful, poignant, and very disturbing. There's a cool dynamic wherein every time Walter starts to get ahead he becomes prideful and his pride is what (historically, we learn) gets him in trouble. While I'm sad to see it go, it could only work within a finite frame. Intelligently written, well acted, interesting camera work, all combine to make this a spectacular show.