Age of Bronze (vol 3B): Betrayal Part Two - Eric Shanower

I grabbed this when I saw it as I have been waiting some time to continue reading Shanower's epic tale of the Epic tale of the Trojan war (this one, however, based on as much history and mythology as he can find, rather than just one realm or the other). Immediately, I realized that I must never have read part A as I had no memory of the events at all. Still, that could simply be due to the passage of over 5 years as I apparently reviewed it here. Shanower's work is very well research and has quite the cast of characters, but these positive elements also are its drawbacks. For example, the armor drawn is not what I expect to see and while he is probably correct in his depictions, it always throws me. Furthermore the number of characters you have to remember (and remember their father's names too as they are often called "son of X" and while yes that is simply like a last name, I often don't remember my own friends' last names) is extensive. This collection focused mainly on Troilus and Cressida, which helped some except for the fact that it seemed to end rather abruptly and, honestly, I didn't find it very interesting. When you have to wait significantly longer than the actual Trojan war to read about the Trojan war, you are going to have some problems.