Robotech: The Macross Saga (The First Robotech War)

I both saw this cartoon series as a kid and read most of the comics (which often has advantages over the original show). It's always interesting to slowly remember scenes and events you had forgotten. The story is set in the "future" (now our actual past) where an unmanned spaceship has crashed on earth leading to a unified humanity prepping for an alien invasion. Sure enough it happens and they are giant humans. Much of the series suffers from the typical problems of early anime: lots of sophomoric writing, girls are icky plots, implied pedophilia, cheesy music, leaps in events that are sloppily put together, and lots of lost opportunities to have actually in-depth characters. Hmmm, perhaps these problems aren't so limited to early anime. If you are able to put the flaws aside, you can recognize some absolutely groundbreaking work. The cartoon deals with the horrors of war, the problems of reintegrating soldiers into society, depression, alcoholism, unrequited love, dealing with death, military and political machinations and "acceptable" loses, and much more. Additionally, the Robotech series continues over generations so the fallout from events aren't simply tucked away and ignored.