The Emperor of Ice Cream by Wallace Stevens - illustrated by Mark Lerer & The Little General on Facebook - Mark Lerer

I picked up this two mini comics/zines/or whatever you wish to label them as from a zine fest a couple of weeks ago and wanted to give them mention. Lerer takes a Stevens poem and supplements it, sometimes with funny and/or incongruent, images that are beautifully and lovingly crafted and colored. (Sadly, I know/care nothing about Stevens.) The Little General is Lerer's comic about, well, a general who is a baby, and Lerer has been occasionally posting him on FB, usually in relation to some events. The problem here is that Lerer has cut out the context of the works, just having a floating baby in a general's hat with very little around him. I recognize, for example, some lines in the background of one of the comics as being pyramids for when Lerer had the Little General involved in al-Sisi's coup, but without such complete images the comic itself has little to no meaning. Lerer is creative and a wonderful illustrator and colorist, but he needs to work on the presentation. His books should have prices, info about him and the work, and mentions about other things he's created if he wants his work to get the recognition they deserve. I would suggest that he teams up with a writer to give him a foundation for things he can use his artistic skills for.