Cej and Mark!'s Excellent NYC Zine Fest Adventure

August 18: Cej flew to NYC, Cory drove Cej to Mark!’s place on Long Island; played Cthulhu Fluxx (Cej's B-Day present to Mark!)

August 19: Hung out at Mark!'s; short beach time in the grey weather; hung out in basement organizing comics (why did we read so much garbage?); prep for zine fest.

August 20: Went to beach; did Etsy update; worked on ArmzRace Facebook and Twitter (Mark! is the official AR twit--I mean, tweeter); walked around Westhampton; Mark! helped edit Bell's (and this phrase as it was all misspelled). 

August 21: Day at the beach; paddle boarded at Moriches Bay (remember where TWA flight 800 went down?); worked on AR Google +; chose the comics for podcast, which took longer than it will take to make it; applied to WHAM. 

August 22: Worked on AR, went for a bike ride and saw some deer. Wandered around Westhampton. Mailed a package for a book sold via Panel-2-Panel (check it out on Amazon!) and headed off to NYC (delayed due to major accident (stop tailgating you maniacs!)).

August 23: Hit up four awesome comic shops and bought far too many books. Worked on AR stuff in preparation for the zine fest. Ended the day by going to Teacher's College to game in their Game Theory lab with Sonam, Kym, Christian, Mack, Ed (spent far too long playing Sentinels, a great game but The Chairman is a crappy villain, and got home very late).

August 24: The Zine Fest had arrived! Got the various books we wanted to showcase together, but then went for a stroll around Central Park. Finally went to the fest which was definitely interesting, but there were some issues. The number of people peddling wares was greater than the number of attendees. Wares tended to be very small and shoddy for a buck or two, or very detailed and even more expensive. Honestly, our stuff was cheaper and of better quality than most (a one page, poorly folded comic for a dollar?! I'm giving you over ten times that with color! And you can buy all our over a dozen products for less than many of the midrange works that others sold.). Mark! knew a trio of people and it was nice to catch up with them and D came with her husband L. We found an empty table and decided to set up shop rather than walk around attempting to trade comics. This might have worked better if one of the organizers wasn't sitting right next to us and wondering what we were doing. Hey, you just filled a table that was canceled at the last minute, be happy, we paid our way. 

August 25: Cej returns to the land that progress and open mindedness hates without promising to find a way to meet up with Mark! in DC in two months.