Secret Warriors (vol 1-6): Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing; God of Fear, God of War; Wake The Beast; Last Ride of the Howling Commandos; Night; Wheels Within Wheels - Jonathan Hickman

There were few comics that I so eagerly awaited the next issue of as this title. I was fascinated by the idea that SHIELD, the global, security/spy agency that is run by Nick Fury,  has been infiltrated by the enemy--well, let's just say more than infiltrated. Fury has to assemble some old friends and a group of off the radar super heroes in order to outmaneuver those that had outmaneuver him to begin with. There is plenty of action, poignent moments, intrigue, back stabbing, and excitement in this comic to thrill; however, I found that there was too much that I felt I had to know prior to reading this (eg Zodiac, various Hydra offshoots, etc). In the end, the lack of 100% knowledge of all the players and too many quadruple agents took away from the enjoyment of the work.