The year is 1865 and the situation in Five Points, NYC, is crappy at best. Even the cops resort to torture, graft, prostitution, and a host of other crimes. It seems like a great idea for the BBC to make a police drama show about the very much not "good ol' days" that would make you think "stop and  frisk" as being the heart of enlightenment. If only the acting and general story of this show wasn't completely horrible. Does anyone bother to rewrite scripts or learn to act? The only exception is the acting of 12 year old orphaned prostitute Annie played by Kiara Glasco, which is so good it actually frightens me. When she's allow to do a scene wherein the character tries to act like she believes adults do, it is astounding. If only there was a show about an ancient vampire trapped in a child's body, she would be perfect. The show is in its second season and I don't see it reaching a third, yet I'm often wrong.