Comic Book Quick Review: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 1 and Digital Comic Redemption Codes

I don't often read Marvel Comics, but when I do... It's probably because I got it for free.

And in this case the preview copy was borrowed from Escape Pod Comics. Superior Spider-Man Team-Up officially comes out this Wednesday.

To Rant and Rave This comic is a fun, neat read, but I cannot support Marvel's $3.99 price tag, even if that means it comes with a redemption code for a digital copy of the comic that will expire in a year.

Rant the First Why the fuck does the code need to expire? If someone buys this comic twenty years from now and the code sticker was never peeled back and the code used, why can't it be used in the future? OK, why not even two or five years of twenty is too ridiculous?

Rant the Second The sticker over the code... What are anal collectors going to think if they're paying beyond cover price for these hot collectibles? Does that half the resale value? Quarter it? I mean, if a near mint copy of this comic sells for $100.00 two years from now, what will be its official grade if the sticker is missing or even mostly peeled back?

The Actual Review The appeal of this comic, aside from the free read, is that it features a Spider-Man, the Superior one to be exact, not that I've read any of the previous stories. All I know is that Doctor Otto Octavius has switched bodies with Peter Parker and now slings webs as the Superior Spider-Man.  Why is he superior? This is awesome: because Doc Ock is kind of a know-it-all douche who now has Spider-Man's physical abilities along with Ock's genius intellect and is apparently, with lots of ass hattery, being a better superhero Spider-Man than Parker ever was. Yep, an arrogant prick Spider-Man, but one who kind of has the brains to get away with it apparently.

"Team-up" is part of the title, so in addition to a team-up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, Spidey tours a bunch of the Marvel Universe beating the shit out of various heroes. If I were eleven years old, I'd eat this up because Spider-Man would be mysterious and bad ass to me, and I'd want to know more about all these people whose asses he's kicking and why he's kicking the asses. ...Though at eleven, how many comics could I afford at $3.99?

Christopher Yost is a writer whose work I have been attracted to, especially since his run on X-Force, co-written with Craig Kyle, in the mid-2000s, which was incredibly awesome and paid a lot of tribute to X-history. I'd expect no less fun and reverence from him in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, though if I do ever follow-up, it'll be via trade paperback from the library.