Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis - Warren Ellis

Yes, yes, I know HTH is going to hate me for this but I can't think of anything Ellis did that I really enjoyed, and this comic is more of the same. The mutant heroes travel to Africa to discover what is behind the mysterious births of so many mutants only to get way over their heads (and learn some harsh realities about the continent). There just isn't much here: no character development, a lot of in your face white guys don't know Africa lectures, the action is all typical it's an impossible to beat adversary that will destroy our entire world but somehow we do it, and just ridiculous art by Kaare Andrews (what's the matter? Pamela Anderson looks too much like a stick figure to you? Professional body builders just too skinny? How about this: the next time you are told to draw "a boy" don't give him a receding hairline and a thick five o'clock shadow, make sure your cyborg's robot arm remains on the same side throughout, and if you have the tech to make cybernetic parts you probably can do a facial skin graft.) BTW guys, why does the son of an African monarch want to join British intelligence? Ellis is supposeĀ  to be the uber creator of the indie comic world, so give me a great comic and not more of this crap.