Kickstarting Cthulhu Wars

Sandy Petersen made the H. P. Lovecraft based horror role playing game The Call of Cthulhu, which, in turn, introduced me to Lovecraft's work and much of the genre based on it. I greatly enjoy Lovecraft's writing and the RPG. So when I heard that Peterson, who seemed to have disappeared from the CoC world, had reemerged to do one last Cthulhu based game if--and only if--he could get the funding. (Sounds like the plot of a lot of movies: "I'm coming out of retirement to pull one last job.") To do so he went on Kickstarter, an on-line means of begging for investors through PR and promises of free gifts, thank yous, social networking, and ego stroking, to see if he could make 40 grand to pay for the time and effort needed to create a board game of after the world falls to the dark forces of Cthulhu and its ilk. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the return of the underdog, so I gave. And so did 4,388 other people for a total of almost  $1,404,000! I'm impressed and very glad for Petersen. And just like in all those movies, now that you're back in the action, you can't just stop. Not only do I look forward to a cool game geting shipped to me, I can look forward to future ones as Petersen is back in the game (sorry about the pun). Be aware that this is not an endorsement of Kickstarter, as I believe that often the work needed to promote and praise takes more time and effort than getting a normal job to pay for it would be. Additionally, I've been told that some creators are actually hurt by Kickstarter as people, in a desperate bid to feel like they are part of something (15 minutes of fame and all), only want to buy products that they are acknowledged in or get something free with due to their enormous generosity as opposed to simply buying something that they think is cool. That's why I didn't post this until now as I have mixed feeling about Kickstarter and, while I wanted to help the production of the game, didn't feel right about being a promoter. Well, it's up to you to decide how you feel about it. Me, I'm off to get ready for Cthulhu Wars.