The Hunger Games (on the roof, under the full moon, during the first day of summer)

Welcome to summer! What better way to start things off than to watch a movie about children forced to murder one another for the amusement of the decadent and corrupt, while sitting on a rooftop of a luxury building, in the capital of the world, sipping wine? I read this series about a year ago and posted my review, and was not sure I wanted to see the movie, but who can say no to such a summer-ish activity? I did enjoy the film, although the atmosphere was almost as surreal as the dystopian theme. As stated, it was a bit of a special event for some better-off-than-average New Yorkers, who brought their kids to see the film. Not the best choice of entertainment for such a crowd or their families; however, I had a fine time--and got a free hat too! In terms of the movie, I was able to fill in the gaps since I knew the concept of the "fake" love story between Katniss and Peeta and the struggle she endured, not knowing what she felt for this boy or what he might feel for her, yet knowing that they had to play it up to gain approval of the audience. Or the pain that the drunk and bellicose Haymitch suffered having to watch the people he cared for die year after year. The same pacing problems I spoke of for the books exited here: How do you spend the needed time to build up the characters AND develop tension of murder after murder AND fully explain the backstory behind the events AND the inner thoughts of Katniss AND well you get the idea. I did feel they needed to put more time in of the connection between Katniss and Rue as it is a gripping event and really is the spark for the following two installments. As is you have a hard time seeing why you should care more about Rue than any other player/victim of the Games. Many YA novels that are more than a single story seem to only have one movie made before Hollywood abandons them (I'm looking at you The Golden Compass and A Series of Unfortunate Events!). I hope that is not the case here.