Berest Dance Center: The June Showcase (2013)

Happy Father's Day! Yesterday I saw, as I try to do every year, some of my nieces' dance performances. The audience is filled with proud parents and grandparents, siblings with various interest levels, but very few uncles, which allows me to be slightly more honest than most viewers. My nieces are quite dedicated to dance and it is impressive to see how much they've developed over the year, especially considering how poor I am at merely walking. Still, I always have issues with the event itself. Backstage it is very hot, but I'm freezing in the audience and this year's show was unusually long, making it a tad painful as I loose fingers to frostbite while waiting interminably to see three minutes of one of my relatives. This is not to say that other performers weren't enjoyable (although by the time the event was over, I could have sat just about anywhere in an originally packed event), but you are at the mercy of how many people signed up for the different types of instruction: some exhibits had but three performers while others crowed the stage. I also have a tendency to love to see the wee kids dance, as it is very cute to see awkward little dancers trying so hard with big smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, I tend to view the older ones as professionals (despite that they may be beginners) and judge every mistake unnecessarily  harshly. Still it was an enjoyable way to spend the day and I'm very happy for my little dancing queens.