John Constantine, Hellblazzer: India & Bloody Carnations - Peter Milligan

It's been a long time since I've read any Hellblazzer comics and was glad to see that I can still pick up a collection and get into it fairly easily. In India, the British bastard wizard has gone to the sub-continent in order to resurrect his late girlfriend (just another in the long line of people close to him that he got killed). In India John has to deal with a rather lustful, murdering demon. I feel Milligan did a really nice job capturing the setting and the character of John himself. There is also a clever shorter story that deals with English politics and punks which was also good. "I think I'll keep reading," is what I thought, and went to the next collection (thanks to Kym for the loan). And here is where I got disappointed. The story, Bloody Carnations, is rushed which isn't good when you are radically shifting a personality trait of the title character. Constantine is going to settle down as he is in love (with someone half his age and, quite frankly, only seems to like him due to daddy issues (something's Milligan does somewhat acknowledge)). Milligan, unfortunately, decides to use this time to bring up his canceled character/title, Shade, for no real reason and misses tons of opportunities to delve into the characters (e.g. What's it like to be in an asylum? Cutting off your thumb? Being kidnapped by a lunatic? Deal with a major life change? Going back in time? Etc). And just to nitpick, if a building gets attacked by knife welding zombies, don't ignore that fact. If you have an internal organ sitting in your frig, don't say it is a severed head. I could go on, but why should I do the work the editor was paid to do? "I think I'll stop reading," is what I thought next.