Star Wars: The Clone Wars season one

I've watched some episodes here and the and they have been hit or miss. The stories are tales of the Jedi and their clone soldiers against the separatist rebels that take place between episode two and three of the Star Wars movies. They are often fun (and often much better the prequel trio) although I have huge problems with the whole idea. The CGI cartoon throws in all this characters I don't know and tries to make the clone soldiers interesting. But the clones die in droves as do their droid enemies and I suppose it's ok as neither are really human (they just act that way (does that make it better?)) and it is hard to get into a group of characters you know will eventual all die at the hands of the main good guy of this show! While the show tries to be clever starting each episode with an old time news flash, they sometime summaries plots of events we never get to see making you never sure if you've missed an episode or not. Better not to get too involved in this.