Comics Picks of the Week of 27 March 2013

My impoverished ass doesn't buy many comics these days. In fact it has a small folder bursting (well--not bursting as much as mildly swelling) with comics from the past few weeks at the comic book store because I am poor for I am a river to my people--my people being the student loan bastards and also the credit card lords. Ah, the glorious life of an adjunct.

I figure I might let you all know what I plan to buy each week, which isn't much, and is almost exclusively from Image Comics these days as I'm so fucking sick of most superhero books, which is 95% of Marvel and DC.

Why might you want to know what I'm going to buy? Because maybe you're sick of Marvel and DC and want to try something new and you know I have impeccably peculiar tastes that match your own.

Since I only buy about eight comics a month, this is a fairly typical week.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS #2 (OF 3) - 4.99 -- I like Rossmo's art and found the final story, about a mariachi who lost his love, in the first issue to be beautiful and heart-rending. Rossmo is so damn prolific and his style(s) work with a lot of writers' stories and this series is written by some of Image's best current writers!


PLANETOID #5 - 2.99 - Holy shit! It's been since maybe November since the fourth issue came out! I didn't find the first two issues super-engaging, but by the third issue I was hooked and wanted more and more. It was getting better and better like some intensely intimate and playful mind-blowing sex... and then...nothing! Hopefully the wait will have been worth it.

Honorable Mentions or  Stuff I Might Buy if I Could Afford It:


ELLIS TP - 39.99 - Warren Ellis and Doom. 'nuff said.

LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #4 (OF 6) - 3.50 - I've heard good things about Mr. Strode