Practice 1/24

Second week of my Drawing in Pubs class took place at the Hay Merchant, which is a craft beer pub and restaurant with lots of wood and deep lighting. This first image is done in pen of the next level up from where I was sitting. It made for a neat tableau of people and depths.

Below the pen is the start of a pencil drawing of the booth across from me. The guy started getting a little suspicious, so I gave up.

I tried again with a woman sitting at the next level up. Her purse was pretty cool. But she moved a lot and was also a bit worried about the weirdo who kept looking at her.

Next I tried a table that wasn't looking my way (bottom right). Unfortunately these guys moved a lot as well, so I settled on drawing a keg (top left). The only problem was the doorman kept standing in front of it!

Then I went back to people. This guy sat pretty still and didn't seem to notice me.

Class was over, but I decided to have one more beer and take a stab at the second level again.