Practice 1/17

I started taking a class called Drawing in Pubs. The idea is to learn about light and dark (more properly called chiaroscuro) and to toss back a few. That way, even if you don't draw so well, you still get to hang out and have fun (by drinking!). Here's the first full class which took place at The Red Lion, a British Pub and restaurant. It has lots of ornate scenery and low lights.

One of the problems you run into quickly when drawing from life is that even people who are seated rarely sit still. And they tend to move just when you're getting something good going.

Here's a man and his boys having a meal in one of the booths. This is done in pencil. Boys move a lot.

Here's that same booth a little later. This stared as a party of four and it grew to eight, which meant things changed a lot (but I really liked the guy's leather jacket).

My instructor suggested I try something static, like say that model ship over there on the mantle. You know, the one in front of the mirror. Argh! It was hard to tell what was real and what was reflection!

In this last one I started drawing a (moving!) fan. And then a separate image of two guys at a table in pen.