Kevin Pyle writes and draws the story of Dean, a teenager who has been moved around much of his life and has a bit of trouble adjusting to the requirements of high school (like math). He does, however, have a rich fantasy life where he conquers the perils of the neighborhood as a rugged army soldier. Pyle does a nice job of differentiating between Dean's dull everyday world and that of his imagination by using different art and coloring techniques. Blindspot is a coming of age story that shows Dean navigating the obstacles of adolescence before coming face to face with the cold realities of adulthood. The story is nicely paced until the moment of truth, which feels a bit rushed (and not particularly overwhelming), but I suppose that's sort of how growing up really is for most of us.

Blindspot is a decent read and a good use of the comics format, even if it didn't quite work for me.