St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 22: The End…for now.

The last day but a good one. The weather was lovely even if the currents were rather tumultuous, causing the water to be rather sandy and limiting underwater vision. Made the “mistake” of taking a paddle board out and going too far out of the harbor. Not the easiest thing in the world getting back to shore and I’m sore to show for it. Still, it is always nice to catch the tide and just letting the water take me along for a ride (see below for more on this idea). Kind of felt like Charon solemnly paddling away…except without the whole dead souls thing…OK, maybe it is nothing like Charon. Denizen of the (last) day: Sea turtle! I got to see and swim with one of these (sometimes two) almost every day. These guys are beautiful, elegant, saturnine, stoic, and often rather clumsy as I’ve seen them bump around coral formations like a drunker sailor in Soho on shore leave. The first time I hung with one of these today, during the rather rough tides, it caught a current and—without moving a fin—took off like a bullet! It seems they are rather well equipped to ride the waves, which is something that surprised the heck out of me, being used to seeing them sort of flap along. Also saw a cluster of four (record!) reef squid, three pelicans (almost a record), a bunch of fish feeding on a crab, several large hermit crabs, (I almost stepped on) a flounder, a huge barracuda—scary—, and watched as numerous fish of various sizes jumped out of the water going as far as fifty feet in their mad dashes away from…?