St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 21: And then there was one…more after this.

So first I forget to bring my camera snorkeling, then one camera dies on me, and on my final venture the other camera’s batter runs out. Not necessarily a big deal until you realize with little time left on my trip I finally run into an octopus and it is HUGE and it’s in the middle of a throw down with a school of fish (maybe over turf? Who knows) and they keep poking at it and it kept flailing around while scuttling over the rocky floor! When I later returned and tried to re-find the scene of the crime, all was calm—likely story. There is a cover up here! Later, in a different part of the harbor, I saw a slick of black which I quickly realized was ink…octopus ink, so there must have been one there, too, and in a state of distress…but over what…or who!? Swam around with one of my friendly sea turtles and harassed various crabs (giant hermit and smaller sea sand crabs) by petting them, something they enjoyed to various, greater and lesser—most lesser, degrees. Swung in a hammock for a while bemoaning the email from work saying that my 8 am classes were not changed (wow, this semester (teaching five and taking one class, and writing/presenting four conference papers) is going to suck!!), but felt slightly better after feeding a bright green iguana. Denizen of the day: Reef Octopus! They are smart, strange and all around amazing. My favorite comic villain: Dr. Octopus. Favorite monster: Cthulhu. Favorite pet: well, dare to dream.