St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 20: Deadly Duet Left

Ok, not deadly, but went into town one more time to grab some last second gifts. Was a little disappointed to do so on such a nice day, but time is running out. Wasted more time trying to get the internet to work. Someone’s dog got into a fight with an iguana and ran off with it. No, I don’t know what the fight was about or the end result of it was. Saw a lovely angelfish and trumpet fish the first time I went out to snorkel today, but forgot my camera the second time only to swim with a stingray for some time. Obviously fun, but would have been nice to have filmed it. Number tally: 7 bottles of sunblock (small (or large (depending on your view)) price to pay to hopefully avoid skin cancer). Denizen of the day: Perhaps the most beautiful species of fish I’ve encountered, and perhaps the reason so named, angelfish. There are various sizes and types of these fish including some that have actually attacked me!