St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 15: The Last Week.

There is still a good amount of time left on my vacation, but I still feel that sense of “where did all the time go?!” Was a lovely day filled with sun, sand, swimming, and snorkeling (which should sound familiar by now). Saw a trumpet fish under the outcropping of coral, which I hadn’t seen this trip and dove to take a picture. Doing so caused a huge queen angelfish to come out of hiding. Before I had a chance to take a second crack at a picture, a paddleboard rider cracks me in the head. Seriously, the bubbles and fins flapping around the water didn’t hint that there might be someone in that patch of right in front of you? A little later on, in deeper water, I think I saw a nurse shark, but that might have been the concussion. It’s my mom’s birthday so happy birthday to her!! Number tally: 6 bottles of sunblock. Denizen of the day: The official bird of the USVI: The bananaquit (yeah, I don’t believe it is really called that either, but this small, colorful, and totally-will-get-into-your-sugar bird is both lovely and makes a very odd call).