St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 14: Weak Too.

Aaarrgghh how did two weeks of my vacation pass?! Maybe that’s why my night was filled with acid reflux agony. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense; one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Well, anyway, it was a painful night and the day started off rainy and windy to match my mood. Tried to cheer myself up by feeding the fish off the hotel dock and one of the fish took a long, hard look at one of my toes dangling in the water and took a bite. I believe there is a warning expression along these lines. Took to the water for some snorkeling and ran into my sea turtle friend again, along with a trio of reef squid, a couple of scrawled filefish, and a scrawled cowfish. I’ve also been seeing a bunch of juvenile fish. Trunkfish babies are only a little smaller than the adults I’ve seen, but they are so cute I want to put them in my mouth (note to self, don’t put trunkfish in mouth), sergeant major fish, usually the size of my hand, have babies that could live comfortably within my pinky nail. The waves have been pretty rough (for this side of the isle that is) and it’s been throwing the white sea urchins all about. Therefore, Denizen of the Day: sea urchin. These guys are delightful to pick up and feel their sticky spins squirming around. Well, the white ones are that way, as the rest are poisonous (so don’t pick them up). I’ve also eaten these guys as sushi and never need to repeat that.