St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 13: Baker’s Dirty Dozen.

Rather dreary day that I keep thinking was going to turn around, and it did, but not for some time. Thought it might be a waste to head out into the harbor for some snorkeling, and (again) at first it seemed a waste, as the water was extremely murky. Low and behold about 20 minutes into my aquatic adventure I ran into a sea turtle (4th time seeing one and the 3rd distinct turtle (you can distinguish them by size and scrapes etc. on their shells)). It was pretty far down, I’m guessing about 25-30 feet down, and I’m thinking I’ll swim down best I can and say hello. No sooner than I start to flip my body down for the drive than I practically smack into a two-foot plus long barracuda. I could have done without the last part—even though I’m obviously fine. Honestly though, I think these slender killers got a bad rap. All my life I’ve heard about how they can take your arm off within a New York second, but as far as I’ve ever seen they just hang around schools of fish waiting for feeding time. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the effects of this when I’ve noticed large numbers of fish jumping out of the water, something fish tend not to do. Denizen of the day: Due to my facetime with our friend the barracuda it gets the pedestal.