St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 12: Untidy Dozen.

Another awesome day in paradise. Saw what at first I assumed was a horrific sight of two baby sharks attacking a large loggerhead sea turtle. Didn’t know what to do being that 1] they were about 25 feet under water (it’s pretty hard to be very active at that depth sans scuba gear) and 2] I didn’t want the sharks turning on me (if it is me or the turtle I’m gonna pick me). But after a surveying the situation I realize that the fish were not sharks and where not attacking the turtle. They were actually pilot fish eating ectoparasites on the sea turtle. As with most of what I record here, I got some awesome footage of the situation and, naturally, did not bring the proper cable to transfer the digital images to my computer—but take my word on it, awesome shots! Eventual you’ll see them, but in the meantime just look at the links. Also had some fun hanging around a couple of cuddle fish that were in turn hanging around a ship mooring; both them and the line were covered in seaweed. People are starting to get a little pissed that I’m seeing all sort of things that they aren’t. Perhaps I shouldn’t mention the feeding frenzy I caused off shore when I fed the fish a leftover hamburger roll. Number tally: 4 novels, 5 bottles of sunblock. Denizen of the day: In honor of the amazing sight, and never having knowingly seen pilot fish, they get the prize.