St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 10: Putting off the Ritz.

A rainy afternoon has its benefits. The fish come out in force, looking for a meal I suppose, and I saw Sergeant Major fish in the dozens, if not hundreds, mulling about, as well as a frighteningly large barracuda. The problem, of course, with viewing fish on a rainy day is the raining day part, when visibility is rather low. I also took my hand at proving, unnecessarily, that Stone Age tools are inferior to Iron Age ones, by opening a coconut with a rock. It took about fifteen minutes verses what would have taken a machete fifteen seconds. Since the weather was rather dreary I took a trip over to where the 1% play (when they aren't on their yachts I suppose): The Ritz-Carlton. Lovely place straight out of Fantasy Island, only the beach and water of Secret Harbor--where I stay--are vastly superior. Chalk one up for the 47%! Found a strange creature on the shore today. Looked like a hairy spider cross bred with a ocean dwelling crab. Perhaps it is working with the iguanas…. Denizen of the day: Right! Yessir! Sergeant Major fish reporting for duty! Number tally: 4 bottles of sunblock.