St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 9: Iguana Invasion.

Not sure what the situation is, but there were more iguanas running around today than I’ve seen in total this trip. I’m sure they are up to something and if you never hear from me again, well, you’ll know the cause. Despite yesterday’s weather, the day was lovely and I enjoyed the sun, sand, swimming, and snorkeling. Very happy to have found a couple of hives of spiny lobsters, a spider crab hanging with a sea anemone, and a hermit crab the size of my head (or at least its shell was)—that was sharing its home with another, non-hermit, crab! Best of all I got to see a very sleepy sting ray that kept giving me dirty looks as I repeatedly dove the 20 feet or so down to watch it sit half buried in the sand, occasionally giving a little flutter of its fins with a seemingly “back off, punk” air. At the end of the day a group of people reprimanded me for not telling them about the baby octopus by the shore where I tend to read. I assured them I hadn’t seen the little critter (not that I would have pointed it out to them all, let’s be honest, I’m selfish with my sea life), although I am not 100% convinced they saw one. Granted, a couple of years ago their was a baby octopus in that same spot, but there was an Emperor’s New Clothes feel to everyone talking about the animals that I didn’t see. Denizen of the day: The triangle shaped, solitary, slow moving, cow-like spotted, utterly adorable Smooth Trunkfish. One of my all-time favorites.