St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 7: Week Won.

So the first week of vacation comes to a close. Went into the harbor of St. T to restock on food and check on some of the shopping. There were four cruse ships, each the size of a small city, filled with people who seemed to feel that unless every person within a five mile radius could hear what they were saying than it wasn’t worth saying (note: nothing they said was actually worth hearing). There were dozens of giant yachts parked in port, each bigger than all my apartments I’ve ever had put together, but I never saw any of the occupants. It does my heart good to know the 1% were busy out creating jobs (although there appeared to be a distinct lack of guns present to protect us). Denizen of the day: Parrotfish! Beautiful and hilarious looking, when you snorkel you can hear them chewing away at the coral formations; these guys are awesome!