St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 3: So it Begins

Starting to settle into being on vacation. While it was a little chilly (by St Thomas standards) due to a strong wind, it didn’t stop me from swimming and snorkeling, which was good as I got to chase around a sea turtle for a while. Started reading Damned by Palahniuk. After 90 pages I remembered that my time on Earth is limited so I shouldn’t spend it with crappy, boring, pompous contemporary fiction that thinks it is intelligent writing. Pick on my genre fiction all you want but at least it has a plot, and while it may be marketed to 16 year olds, I like it better than the so called adult fiction that I might have thought was interesting when I was 16. Went out to dinner and had to give the cab driver directions of where to go. Kind of nice when you know more about the island than the islanders. Denizen of the day: Pelicans, like the one that splashed down next to me while I was hanging by the shore and nearly gave me a heart attack.