St. Thomas USVI or Bust: 2013! – Day 1: The Arrival

After a couple of days of shuttling between various relatives’ apartments, I finally got off the ground and out of the country. Two weeks of grading papers and a coupe of days of answering emails from irate students who write: “hey prfessor, how come I got D.” and I was very looking forward to being on the beach in the sun. The plane was packed and, while there were only 4 kids on the flight, they were all within two rows of me and all screaming. I finally got to our faux colony in the Caribbean and immediately went for a swim, beach combed, and lay in the sand. Not a bad start and I’ll try to keep all my loyal readers (all five) up to date with the happenings. Maybe even some pictures, too, on this visual medium! Denizen of the day: Awesomely camouflaged “Sally lightfoot” crab!