Comic Book Independents: The Creative Power of Graphic Novels

Most people should avoid this film as they will get little from the series of interviews with various "alternative" comic creatures (mainly writer/artists). For those of us that are interested in independent comics and what allows a creative person to succeed--in any field--this is an excellent documentary. While there were outtakes that should have been included, the film was strongly organized, fun, and made a great choice of having the interviewer and the questions asked off screen, allowing the artists to speak for themselves and allowing us to focus solely on the ideas and information presented. If there is only one thing you take away from the film, let it be that a successful artist isn't the inspired, tortured one, but the guy that gets off his/her ass and constantly works at improving the craft and getting it out to people. OK, maybe that's two. But if you are going to have a third take away, then it is know when and how you can break the rules.