Help Needed

So this is just the germ of an idea, and I'm looking for thoughts/input. The following is a little unfocused. Essentially, people are blaming unions for the death of Hostess (and Twinkies in particular); and I thought this would be a good way to discuss how the skeevy nature of corporate culture is never really examined.

Corporations that don't pay their workers a living wage are essentially taking a government handout. We (taxpayers) have to supplement the worker's income (via welfare) so that they can survive. But in doing so, we are effectively making it possible for the corporation to continue to underpay them (and, not coincidentally, make a nice profit). So effectively, we are subsidizing the corporation. So who is the real leech here? The worker who works hard but isn't enough to live (keep in mind that there are millions of working poor), or the corporation that uses the generosity of the taxpayer to continue making a profit? Sure, without a job, taxpayers would still need to give welfare to the unemployed; but at least the corporation wouldn't be taking a cut of it.

I suspect that this comic might work better without the Hostess angle (i.e., a more generic comic), but it sprang into my head because of the issue.

And frankly, I like the idea that we are "the Host" and corporations are "the parasite."