Osborn: Evil Incarcerated - Kelly Sue DeConnick

Seeing how Halloween is coming up, it feels like a good time to post a review of this tale of true evil. Norman Osborn, you may recall, was once "little more" than the Green Goblin, a Spider-Man villain, and I loved him as that. Then he gets put in charge of the most powerful spy agency in the world (still fuzzy on that, something with Skrulls) and then he gets overthrown and arrested (even more fuzzy on that, something with Asgardians). I really didn't follow it enough to love or hate it, but I was looking forward to what happened to Osborn post all that. The story had potential; Osborn is in jail, the government wants him to disappear, a secret cult is taking action, and the evil genius has his own plans. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of Emma Rios' art (something about the lips just freaks me out) and there was a whole cast of characters that I never heard of and probably won't every again. DeConnick tries to mix a Hannibal Lecture and All the President's Men vibe to the book and somehow it just didn't work. I guess in the end I didn't believe that Osborn was a mad genius, just mad.