Prismacolor Markers and Fleshtones Practice

Richmond Zine Fest itself, specifically talking with talented folks such as Cody Pickrodt, energized me into getting back into making comics. I realize this is one of the few ways I'll be able to create the worlds I would like to see. What I can express is limited only by my abilities or lack thereof. What I don't know, I imagine I can learn. I've been playing around with my Prismacolor markers and some old drawings instead of making actual new comics for Philly Zine Fest-- which is in a week-and-a-half (silly me)--and thought I'd try someone who is not Caucasian with the limited markers I had, so I created a simple new drawing and began coloring. This is the result.

I couldn't figure out if I could put down a base and then layer colors to see if I could get new tones as I tried to lay down a salmon pink base (generic white people color) to come up with a lighter brown tone and then added terra cotta. This didn't seem to make a difference when I went straight for laying down terra cotta sans salmon pink base. Looked the same to me.

I tried dark umber on the right hand side and then thought details might not show up with solid coloring. I know some artists use white or sort of negative space to indicate light reflecting off of dark objects and people, so perhaps learning how to simulate that in my drawing is a new challenge I'll have to face. Bring it.

The other new thing I tried was the sort of stippling on the edges of things one might see on Jean 'Moebius' Giraud's beautiful work. I know there are other artists who do this and I cannot name them, so I'll give props to the creator of Airtight Garage. Those tiny lines look awesome on his work, so I thought I'd try it in mine and plan to continue to play with that idea.

In the end I ended up going to Riebe's art supply store and spending another $40 in Prismacolor markers of various shades of peach, link, and brown. I even bought a shade of black of one of their "brush" style markers to try some fluid-looking inking .